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Winter in Chinese Medicine

By Orna Amrani, M Ac, LAc.

In 5 Elements Chinese medicine, the winter corresponds with the WATER element. The water element is very powerful! The water element is the power generator of the body and corresponds with courage and willpower, when in balance. If water is out of balance, fears may show up, which can hold us back from fulfilling our destiny. When we don’t fulfill our full potential in life, we feel sad and unaccomplished.

The Water element is connected with the Fire element, the heart. When we find our inner fire and passion, the fire nourishes our willpower and courage to live the life that we want – to be who we want to be! It’s just how a seed possess the potential to become a plant and to grow and blossom in the spring.

As it gets colder in the winter, it is time to go within and find our inner courage and willpower to become a better version of who we are in the New Year to come. Winter is a good time to recharge our “battery of life”. According to Chinese Medicine, our battery is supposed to last approximately 100 years, if used wisely.

With 5 Elements Acupuncture, I can help you to recharge your batteries, by needling the “water element” meridians, and by warming and nourishing them with “Moxa”.

I can help you in your journey to find your courage and to connect to your willpower so you can feel more balanced and fulfilled.

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