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Nancy Sharpe LCSW-C, LICSW

Maryland License #LC23135

301-960-1198 ext. 702

Nancy Sharpe

Bilingual (Spanish) Individual Therapy for Children, Adolescents, & Adults

I am a firm believer in a holistic, integrated approach to health and wellness that incorporates both the mind and body. I work primarily with two populations: adolescents (middle school-high school) and adults (college students, graduate students, professionals, and parents). My work helps clients regain a sense of balance, develop and maintain healthy relationships, manage difficult emotions, and feel contented and accepting of themselves and their life.

I approach my work with a collaborative spirit knowing that you are the expert on your life experience no matter the age. The goal of therapy is to approach a problem together so that you feel more capable and energized to handle the challenge(s) that life has sent your way. Together we will acknowledge and celebrate the ways you are already coping with the stressful situation that brought you into therapy and build on your innate strengths and abilities to effect change. 


Nancy has worked for the past 9 years bilingually with adults (college students, graduate students, professionals, and parents) who are seeking greater work-life balance.

Nancy recognizes how easy it is to become over-programmed and overwhelmed by the fast-paced demands of living in this career-driven area. Being constantly connected via a smartphone or other device leaves little room for the mind to quiet and the body to find peace. Nancy would be honored to help you feel more connected to yourself and the people that are most important to you.

Yoga, mindfulness, and nutrition have all played big roles in Nancy’s own health and wellness. Nancy is excited to work at a place that values and offers these healing modalities in addition to therapy.

Worries, fears, stress, and doubts live in the body in the form of tension and pain. Yoga and mindfulness are the perfect companions to talk or play therapy as they engage the body in addition to the mind. So many people live and get stuck in their thoughts, their endless to-do lists, and criticism of themselves or others. Yoga and mindfulness help people to get out of their heads and into their bodies where real change can occur by learning to breathe into tense muscles and observe the patterns of the mind. These practices calm racing thoughts, relieve tension and stress, ground people in the present moment, and allow people to approach life’s challenges with renewed strength and peace.


Nancy does not currently see elementary-aged kids. Currently, Nancy enjoys partnering alongside adolescents as they manage feelings of loneliness, fear/insecurity, anxiety, and disconnection.  Nancy also likes to help parents decode their child’s needs and find ways to validate and respond to those needs. Nancy has worked with children who have been diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, and depression. Nancy also works with adolescents who are questioning their sexuality or gender identity.


As a white, straight, cisgender female clinician, Nancy is a proponent of social justice and realizes that her (often) privileged experience of the world can be different from that of her clients. She works hard to create an environment where her clients can feel understood, supported, and not judged regardless of their experience of the world.

With adolescents, Nancy predominantly utilizes works to create a sense of connection and trust before working on any issues that may have arisen. For adults, Nancy uses aspects of mindfulness, narrative therapy, EFIT (Emotionally Focused Therapy For Individuals), and solution-focused therapy. However, because each client has their own unique needs, Nancy takes the time to identify what will work best for each client.

Nancy approaches her work from a trauma-informed lens looking at the mind-body connection and incorporating mindfulness when appropriate. Nancy would describe her clinical orientation as psychodynamic, attachment-informed, solution-focused, strengths-based, narrative therapy informed, and family systems (and internal family systems) oriented. 


  • Master of Arts in Spanish 2008, Messiah College
  • Masters of Social Worker 2012, The Catholic University of America

Nancy continues to learn and grow professionally by attending workshops, training, and conferences. She continues to stay up to date with the latest theories and research and obtains supervision as well as consults with other clinicians in the field.

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