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Arielle Von Hippel, LCSW-C

Therapist, Early Childhood and Parent Support/Nationally Rostered Child Parent Psychotherapist

At the center of my work, I believe that the therapeutic relationship is built on trust, stability, and safety. I understand that in order to bring about meaningful and positive change in a client’s life, there has to be a foundation of understanding, respect, and care for that client’s unique experience, no matter the client’s stage in life. I approach each client with open curiosity, playfulness, and creativity, enabling my clients to explore their feelings and experiences at their own pace as they embark on their therapeutic journey. 

I primarily work with young adults, children, and their families, specializing in the early childhood years and life transitions.  In all my work, I believe that the most important relationship in life is the one we share with our caregivers. Using this attachment lens, I work with children, young adults, and families collaboratively to establish a sense of safety, love, and support that they can continue to nourish outside the therapy space. I believe that children are inherently resilient, and it is my ambition to help each individual access that resilience despite challenging life events. A key philosophy that I adhere to in my work with parents (and in my own life) is the idea of “Good Enough” parenting; that there is no such thing as a perfect parent, and to encourage parents to find compassion and forgiveness for themselves as the protectors of their tiny humans. 

Therapeutic Approach:

Arielle has extensive experience working with children 6 months and older who have experienced trauma, ruptures in their caregiving relationship, struggles with developmental delays, ADHD, anxiety, or behavioral challenges. Using techniques pulled from visual and expressive art therapy, play therapy, bibliotherapy, mindfulness, and psychodynamic therapy, Arielle strives to follow her clients’ lead in finding the best therapeutic approaches to meet her clients’ needs. Arielle’s toolbox is full of playful and practical tools to engage young, and not-so-young clients and helps them make sense of their inner worlds. Sometimes all a child (or adult!) needs is a safe space to play out their questions, worries, and wonderings. It is then Arielle’s role to help the individual create organization and structure to their narrative, resulting in an increased sense of emotional stability and self-worth.  

Arielle primarily uses psychodynamic and reflective techniques to help individuals explore their attachment relationships in her work with adults. Arielle is trained in Circle of Security Parenting, a parenting program designed around the idea that parents are their children’s safe base, to support their child as they go out to explore the world and come back to them for comfort and nurturance. Circle of Security is a parenting program that can be administered in group or individual settings and uses exercises and video demonstrations to help parents flex their reflective muscles and gain an increased understanding of their parenting dynamic.  Arielle is also a Nationally Rostered Child-Parent Psychotherapist and utilizes the evidence-based Child-Parent Psychotherapy (CPP) model to help families who have experienced trauma or separation regain a sense of safety. Working under the CPP model, Arielle helps families co-create their trauma narrative and engage in collaborative play and art activities to rebuild connections between parents and children. 

Having worked with a variety of populations, Arielle always opens the therapeutic space to talk about issues of race, culture, and social justice. These themes are not only important for older children and parents, but they work for young children as well. Arielle works with her clients from a strengths-based perspective and is honored to be part of her clients’ journeys toward growth and self-expression. 


Before joining Lotus Point Wellness, Arielle worked for several years in a therapeutic nursery program for 3 to 6-year-olds who struggled with behavioral challenges, developmental delays, anxiety, or trauma-related disorders. Arielle helped foster these children’s social and emotional development in individual and classroom settings through play, art, mindfulness, collaborative activities, and bibliotherapy. Before her role in the classroom, Arielle worked in Chicago with children and families involved in the child welfare system, doing home-based therapy. In addition to child and parent dyadic therapy, Arielle has experience with child and adult group therapy, psychoeducation, substance abuse treatment, individual adult therapy, and individual therapy for children ages 3-12. Arielle possesses a background in child development research and social psychology.


  • The University of Chicago 2014: B.A. Psychology and Comparative Human Development
  • The University of Chicago 2017 M.A. Social Work, Specialization in Family Support

Arielle regularly participates in training and workshops to stay up to date on current therapeutic techniques, social justice approaches, infant mental health, and early childhood development research.


  • Individual Therapy for Early Childhood (0-12), and Young Adults
  • Family Therapy and Parent Support
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