Lotus Point Wellness


we believe that optimal mental health and wellbeing come from utilizing integrative and holistic approaches.

We Are An Anti-Racism, Social Justice, Mission-Driven Practice Working Towards Diversity, Equity And Inclusion.


Lotus Point Wellness was originally envisioned by Marie Caterini Choppin, LCSW-C, LICSW, the founder and director, as a brave and safe space where holistic and integrative healing approaches could be offered together to support people on their journey towards wholeness, healing and overall wellbeing. 

In 2020 with increased awareness of the racial injustice and disparities and devastation of the impact of Covid-19, Lotus Point Wellness and all it’s staff also took on the additional mission of working towards becoming a more vocal anti-racism, social justice-oriented healing practice in which Black Lives Matter and all BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and neuro-diverse people feel safe, heard, respected and valued.


Ultimately, our mission is to help all people develop inner resiliency, heal current and historical trauma, find authenticity in living, develop safety and security in their relationships along with the tools to live a well-balanced and healthy lifestyle. 

We believe in taking an approach that is collaborative, integrative and holistic, using proven approaches to relationship wellness, healing and healthy living.

Our integrative and holistic approach includes counseling along with the support of a network of local healing practitioners who provide nutrition, acupuncture, yoga, herbal medicine, and Reiki. These services can help you, your child and/or your family to manage stress, anxiety, depression and other elements that may be preventing you or someone you love from living a contented, fulfilled and balanced life.

Our approach is collaborative and we work with our clients to help them find their own pathways towards healing, wholeness and wellbeing.

On a philosophical level, we look through a lens of health and wellness and secure attachment versus pathology. Ultimately, we believe that the human spirit is incredibly strong and everyone has the capability to make their life better and overcome their struggles through compassion, understanding and connection to themselves and others AND within community, thus undoing aloneness on their journey.

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