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March 1 - April 26

Lotus Point Wellness

Winter/Spring 2024 

Circle of Support: A College Student’s Virtual Therapy Group (8 sessions)

Facilitator: Carmela Katz, LCSW-C

Date: TBD (Based on interest)

Time: Fridays, 1:00 p.m. – 2:00 p.m.

If interested use our CONTACT FORM  and Carmela will contact you. 

Cost: $80 per 60-minute session *(insurance reimbursable with diagnostic initial intake session) You may have to do an intake session with Carmela at her hourly fee if you are not already her individual client. 

Group Overview

This is an opportunity for college students to get perspectives from their peers and build camaraderie in a safe, judgment-free zone. 

Who Should Join? Any college student who wants to connect, share, learn and grow.  This group is geared towards any college student of any identity  – this is an inclusive, brave space for all to share and explore.

TELE-HEALTH –  You MUST be physically located in Maryland each time in order to participate due to licensing regulations.

Some topics we may discuss: 

  • What does “adulting” mean to you?  What are your greatest challenges, greatest achievements or hopes?
  • Self Esteem and how to feel better about oneself.
  • Social Anxiety and how to manage at college.
  • Mental Health and Substance use- taking care of your wellbeing ? How do you know it is time to seek help? 
  • Dysfunction: Codependency, Gaslighting and Enmeshment- what do those words mean? What do you wish to change about yourself and your relationships?
  • Addiction and trauma-Not wanting to repeat the cycle, but how? 
  • Sexuality and/or Intimacy or not
  • Mental Health- how to improve overall wellness. Reduce worry and improve mood. When might medications be worth looking into?
  • Self Esteem building exercises
  • Explorations into how experiences in  childhood and beyond impact you today (you can always say “pass”, not necessary to share everything every time)
  • Developing secure attachment in relationships

There is always a free flow of discussion in the second part of the group on any topic of your choice!






Carmela Katz, LCSW-C
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