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Elana Benatar quoted in CNN article about working at home with kids (without losing it)

While most parents have worked from home with their kids for the occasional sick day or weather-related school closure, the prospect of doing so for weeks on end amid long-term school closures is especially daunting.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced schools to close across the country, and many employees are already working from home. With social distancing keeping people isolated for the time being, school and work are now taking place at home, and largely at the same time.

“It has been stressful figuring it out,” said Alicia Carrithers a fitness company marketer and single mom to two boys, ages 9 and 1, who lives in Kirkland, Washington. She is working from home and her son’s school is closed until at least April 24.

A nanny and the baby’s father will split time with her youngest while she works. Her older son’s school is developing a distance learning plan.
“But how much am I going to need to manage him doing that work?” she said. “He’s nine and tends to turn toward video games. I only have one laptop that I use for my job.”

As families face these new challenges to work-life balance in close quarters, parents are trying to keep their kids healthy and busy while still doing their jobs and not totally losing their minds.

How can parents make this work? 



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